56 Things To Be Thankful For

When November begins, my mind is immediately drawn to Thanksgiving. I start day dreaming about spending time with family while also enjoying a home cooked meal for the first time in a long time (one word: college. Am I right? 😉 ). There are so many ups in life, but there are also many lows. And with those lows it can become increasingly harder to focus on the good. Sometimes we get in little ruts and just need a quick pick-me-up. So today I am going to share with you some things to be thankful for this holiday season (and any season.)

things to be thankful for

  1. Family traditions.
  2. Happy tears.
  3. You woke up this morning.
  4. Saving up for something and finally being able to buy it.
  5. Your parents.
  6. Your best friend.
  7. Coffee.
  8. Home videos.
  9. Pictures with people that you’ve lost.
  10. The time you got with people that you have lost.
  11. Teachers that made an impact on you.
  12. Being able to read this.
  13. Laughing so hard your belly hurts.
  14. Freshly baked cookies.
  15. Family get-togethers.
  16. Rainy days.
  17. Those Friday night lights in high school.
  18. That hometown spot that brings back memories.
  19. Warm hugs.
  20. People who smile at you in public.
  21. People who haven’t forgotten the Golden Rule.
  22. Cozy sweaters.
  23. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus. (yes, he loves you too.)
  24. That book that made you think a little differently.
  25. Those people you come across that inspire you.
  26. Social media for allowing us to stay “connected” to people who live far from us.
  27. Good hair days.
  28. People who have forgiven you.
  29. The fact that Jesus is coming back one day.
  30. Family vacation memories.
  31. The money in your bank account. (even if it’s $5.)
  32. The shoes on your feet.
  33. The shirt on your back.
  34. Your first childhood memory.
  35. The people in your life you can’t imagine life without. (Hug them often, they won’t always be there.)
  36. The lessons you’ve learned the hard way.
  37. Cats. (They can love just the same as dogs.)
  38. Long days spent in the pool.
  39. Days spent snowed in with a good movie.
  40. The Harry Potter Series.
  41. Brooke Davis and the lessons she taught us. (Go watch One Tree Hill, thank me later.)
  42. Old photos.
  43. Old notes with friends.
  44. 3 day weekends.
  45. Internet.
  46. Fuzzy socks.
  47. Target’s Dollar Spot.
  48. Being able to see/hear/think for yourself.
  49. The education you received.
  50. All the times someone went out of their way to make you smile.
  51. Your significant other.
  52. Single? The time you are getting for self-discovery.
  53. Naps on Sundays.
  54. Decorating the Christmas tree.
  55. All the times your parents disciplined you.

And last but NOT least…

You are here, and you are alive.

If this isn’t something to be immensely thankful for then I don’t know what is. Life is short, and sometimes it’s cut even shorter than we were anticipating. Never take for granted the time you get with people that you love and care about. We are NOT promised tomorrow, only today. So be thankful, tell your parents you love them. Hug your brother, your sister, and cousins. Family should always come first because they will be there until the end. Make sure to tell them how much you love them every chance you get, you never know when it will be the last.

The world can be a dark place, but if we all share a little bit of hope and thankfulness, I bet we can make it a bit brighter.