How to Preview ALL Of Your Fonts at the Same Time

As a graphic design major (and even well before that) I know how important typeface selection is. It is no secret to designers that font choice can and will make or break your design. You wouldn’t pop a bold san serif typeface onto a poster about a fairy musical movie? Font choice is SO important, but with great power comes great responsibility. YOU as the designer/creator need to know how to decipher the good ones from the bad ones. But scrolling thru EVERY. SINGLE. TYPEFACE. is SUCH a chore. And honestly? Many times I would find myself finding one or two, but then you have to copy and paste the SAME element over and over again to be able to compare side by side. It’s such a chore (first world problems, am I right?) So today is how I let you in on my secret tool to previewing all of my fonts at the same time.

preview all fonts

When I finally came across I was BLOWN AWAY. And to be honest, I’m not sure why. It only seems reasonable that such a site exists. is a site that will display ALL of your device’s typefaces for you, in whatever text you choose. IT. IS. AWESOME. It then let’s you select specific ones so you can see them side by side. It’s genius really and I”m sad I didn’t think of it first. (By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I just REALLY like and wanted to spread the love to my fellow designers/creatives). Okay now let’s get into the “how to” part of this.

1. Go to (seems easy enough right? lol)

preview all your fonts

You’ll be greeted with this screen were you can type in the word or phrase (or entire alphabet) that you want to preview. (Pro-Tip: type in any possible dingbats and punctuation. Those matter too.) For this example, we will use my blogs name.

 2. Type in your phrase and click “Enter”

preview all your fonts


This is what the interface looks like. It will display all of the current fonts on your computer. You can also use the buttons (aa/Aa/AA) in the top left hand corner for it to switch your specified phrase to all lowercase, normal, and all caps.

preview all your fonts

3. Select fonts that you like by simply clicking them

preview all your fonts

4. Click “filter selected” in the top right hand corner

This will bring you to a new page of ONLY the fonts you selected, side by side. This allows for easy comparison. (Pictured below are the fonts I selected for this example.

preview all your fonts

You can even use the buttons in the top left hand corner to see different variations. You can make the text bigger and smaller, and you can also switch the colors using the “moon” symbol to see it as white text on black.

preview all your fonts

preview all your fonts

There is also  the option to print your chosen selection if you’re needing to see it in hardcopy or to show somebody else for a second opinion!

Soooooo basically, has saved my life and now it can save yours. 🙂 Previewing all of your fonts is a GREAT way to save time when designing/creating. Take advantage! It’s literally free.

I hope you found this post helpful! What are your favorite ways to save time when designing? Leave them in the comments down below. I am alwayyyysss looking for a good time saver.

Speaking of time savers…

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