How To Maximize Your Cash Back With Ebates

If I had to tell you one thing I’ve been regretting recently, it would be that I didn’t sign up for Ebates & their cash back sooner. In all honesty. I watch Youtube at LEAST once a day, and there have been countless times I have heard this “Ebates” thing mentioned. Boy oh boy, I should have listened! Today, you’re in luck! I am going to tell you why you need Ebates (First off, its FREE!), and how to maximize your cash back. Hopefully you’ll come back and thank me later. 😉

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Ebates is an online shopping tool that rewards you for shopping at places you were going to anyways. Or you can look at it as getting an additional discount on your purchase, or even just getting “free” money. Any way you look at it, Ebates is a no brainer.

Thanks to signing up for Ebates, I am now getting money back in my bank account for the money I was going to be spending anyways! I mean come on!!

ebates cashback money free money

free money cashback ebates money on the side

Here’s the breakdown:

Ebates is basically an “affiliate” with hundreds of of stores. If Ebates refers a sale to that store, they will receive a commission. Ebates then passes on a small bit of that back to you as your cash back! It’s genius really, a win-win for everyone! Store gets a sale, Ebates makes money, and you save/earn money! The cashback ranges anywhere between 1% and 10%. Some have higher than 10%, I’ve even seen 25%, however the most common is in the lower range.

So now that you know what it is, and how it works, let’s get into how to maximize those earnings. (I’m a broke college student so EVERY penny counts. Literally.)

1. Get A $10 Bonus When You Sign Up

If you are new to Ebates, you will get a $10 cash back bonus when you make a $25 purchase within your first 90 days of signing up. This is in addition to the normal cash back you will receive on your purchase. I looked at this as making my $25 purchase only $15. (My $10 cash back bonus came from me buying planner stickers on surprise there!)

2. Browser Toolbar Cash Back Button

Do you worry about remembering to go through Ebates each. and. every. time. you want to purchase something online? I did. But then I downloaded their FREE Ebates button for my browser’s toolbar and the rest was history. It will automatically alert you of cash back opportunities when shopping on an Ebates partner site. That way you never have to worry about going to Ebates and searching their marketplace to see if your store offers cash back. It’s brilliant. This way, you’ll be alerted of cash back opportunities you may have otherwise missed out on. And like I said, every. penny. counts.

Pro-Tip: With this toolbar add-on, it will allow you to see and compare the cash back rates in real time on Google! Check it out below!

ebates cash back money

3. Download the Ebates App

Ebates offers a free app for smartphones that you can download. Sometimes they even offer more cash back when you shop through the app as an extra incentive. Yes please!It’s not all the time, but some is better than none in my opinion.

Pro Tip: They offer a price comparison feature. If you are out shopping, just click on the barcode icon in the top right corner and scan the barcode of the item you are interested in. It will pull up the price at various stores and show how much cash back you can earn from each one. This makes finding the best deals so simple!

4. Take Advantage of Their Daily “Double Cash Back” Stores

ebates cashback

Every day they offer a “double cash back” offer. There are new stores each day and it only lasts through that specific day. For example, today there is Old Navy that is normally 2% but now it is 4%. Or JCPenney was 3% but is 10% cash back right now.

Pro-Tip: They will sometimes even offer triple cash back, but this is usually during a holiday weekend or big event, like Cyber Monday.

5. Use The In-Store Option

You can even link your credit or debit cards and earn cash back when you shop in-store! Ebates allows you to choose which offers you want linked to your card and when you make a purchase at the linked store, it will be automatically sent to your Ebates account. There are only a handful of stores that offer this so you’ll need to check out the “Cash Back In-Store Offers” page on their main site.

6. Refer Your Friends to Save Money and Get REWARDED!

cash back ebates referral

Majority of places that offer referral programs give you store credit or “points” for rewards. Well Ebates gives you cold hard cash! They have a truly great referral program. And since literally everyone needs to use Ebates, you don’t have to have a big platform to get some referrals. You will get $25 for the first friend, $50 for the 2nd and $75 for the third. Each referral after that is $5 each but you can get bonuses when you reach a certain tier. The people you have referred will have to make their first $25 purchase for you to get the credit. But since their first $25 will get them $10 in cash automatically, it’s truly a win-win!

All in all, Ebates is a FANTASTIC tool to take advantage of, especially as a college student. (Shopping for your dorm? Use my Ultimate College Shopping List and pair it up with Ebates!) And since it’s free, there’s literally nothing to lose, but there’s money to gain! Even if you only shop online a little bit, it will add up, I promise!

I’ve already received my first check from them and it was great! So go get yours!