How I Get FREE Products Sent To Me With Influenster

Ever wondered how Bloggers & Youtubers get FREE products? Ever wanted to get in on it? Well you can! I’ve received products from Maybelline, Vick’s, Sinful Colors, Shea Moisture & more!

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Being an (almost) 20 year old, I have literally grown up with social media. I have never known a day without it and probably never will. With the influx of social media we are surrounded by “influencers”, a.k.a people who have a lot of followers. Brands send out products to these “influencers” for FREE in exchange for a shoutout on social media, or even just the *hopes* of a shout out. It’s free advertising basically. So if you’re anything like me you’ve probably wondered, HOW do they get these products? HOW can I get hooked up with something like that? Well, I may not be able to hook you up one-on-one with ColourPop, but I can give you a pretty good option. 😉

Brands these days are CONSTANTLY looking for new ways to market their products and get their name/idea out there. Brands have whole departments and people dedicated to this type of thing. So…Why can’t you be in on it too? Well you can! So, I give you, Influenster!

I came across Influenster a couple of months ago and since then I have received 2 boxes of products for FREE. All I *have* to do is give my honest opinion on them. PIECE. OF. CAKE.


Free products influenster


When you sign up, they will have you connect all of your social media outlets to come up with your “Impact Score” (basically just the amount of followers you have). Once that is done, they will give you a series of questions to answer for your profile as well as ask you about products you have used in the past. It’s very simple.

To start off they will have you fill out reviews for products you have already used (literally can it get any easier?!). I’m not sure they “exact” reason, but I’m sure it’s all in their algorithm and system of how Influenster determines who gets to get a box and who doesn’t, so be sure you answer all the questions!

And that’s pretty much it… Each month they send out a few different “VoxBoxes“. Keep an eye out on your e-mail in order to get in on them! If they think you might be a fit for their brands, they will send you an e-mail with a survey to answer some questions. If they think you’re a match you will receive another e-mail in a few days telling you that “You’re In!” and they will have you put in your address and send your box on over! It’s become my new favorite thing!

The best part? It’s all FREE. Plus, they’re not all sample sized, most are FULL sized!!

Be sure to keep up on the “badges” you can earn for each box you get sent. These can get you entered in to win bigger and better boxes from the brands featured in whatever box you might have gotten!

So what are you waiting for?! Go sign up! You literally have NOTHING to lose!

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Got any other ways to get free products/samples? Leave them in the comments below! 🙂