Makeup Organization For The College Girl

As a young adult female I have had my fair share of trips down the makeup aisles at Target, Sephora & Ulta. But where and how are we supposed to organize this makeup in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and functional? I have a solution to your makeup organization woes.

makeup organizer

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Makeup organization was never a priority in high school as I used vey minimal product to begin with. I kept coming across the issue of stuffing all my products into a makeup bag, and then scrambling through said bag each morning in an effort to get ready. This wasn’t working. It was time to find a better solution. Of course on Pinterest you come across the super expensive makeup vanities and beauty room set ups that look like a dream. But for an average college girl on a tight budget, that just wasn’t in the cards for me. So, what is my solution? AMAZON. (But isn’t that my solution for everything these days? They have EVERYTHING.)


makeup organization on a budget

So I began my search, I wanted to find the most amount of storage for the best cost. Of course, just like anything, there were so many options to choose from, but the one pictured below is the one that I thought would best fit my needs personally. But since we all have a different makeup collection/stash/hoard (no? just me?), it’s only fair that I share with you some other great options as well, so stay tuned for those at the bottom of this post.

makeup organizer on a budget


So, after searching amazon and reading reviews on product after product, I decided to get this one. I chose to go with that one because you essentially get three different organizers in one for only $30! You can stack them and have one big makeup section, or separate them like I have and have them spread out.

It features 7 drawers total, 3 skinny long ones, two medium-sized drawers, and two small ones. There is also a top section (pictured above) that has about 3 compartments perfect for holding your brushes, a flat area for foundations and primers, as well as smaller short tube-like sections that I use to hold my most frequently used mascaras.

You can see in the pictures what I like to keep where, but you can totally mix and match it to whatever is most convenient for you.


makeup organization cheap

On another note, organizing makeup pallets have never been easier. I picked up this letter organizer from Target’s dollar spot for only $3!!! What a steal! It holds all of my pallets upright where I can see them perfectly.

(Hey! Need some makeup suggestions? I have a whole post about my go-to makeup products here!)

It’s not in the dollar spot anymore, but any mail organizer will do, truly! This one from Amazon will do the trick just fine. Once you organize your pallets, you’ll wonder why you never did before.

acrylic makeup organizer

Makeup can easily become an addiction for most girls, and I am no exception. I struggled for so long finding makeup peace with my organizing techniques and I think I’ve finally found it. I hope this post gives you a little insight or some ideas of your own.

What are your organizing techniques? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂