10 Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix

Netflix binge-watching is one of the many talents that I possess. It is also the one thing that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Whether you’re into Breaking Bad or Gossip Girl, it’s no secret that coming across a new show with a few seasons under its belt with a solid 40 minutes per episode makes your heart soar! Netflix has easily become the biggest way people watch tv (maybe, who knows, I didn’t actually research that so don’t take my word for it 😉 ). So, I give you 10 shows you can binge watch on Netflix.

binge watch on netflix shows to watch

(There are many great shows on Netflix that I have not watched yet for one reason or another. Maybe you and I don’t have the same tastes and that’s okay!)

Gossip Girl– A necessity for ANY girl. I will be Serena Van Der Woodsen one day. Another reason to watch this show: Chuck Bass. Thank me later.chuck bass gif netflix binge watch shows
One Tree Hill– A wholesome good show that will leave you feeling nostalgic and fulfilled. Teenage romance drama. Classic. We can ALL learn something from Brooke Davis.

brooke davis .gif one tree hill binge on netflix
Friends– I had never watched them all the way through in order until it was on Netflix. I bawled the whole last episode.friends gif netflix binge friends

How I Met Your Mother– a sitcom kind of like Friends. Based in New York City around a group of friends. Super funny and will leave you wanting more. Also cried through the last episode.how i met your mother barney stinson gif netflix binge

90210– A re-vamp of the older one. Not a “must watch” in comparison to the others I have mentioned. But if you’ve exhausted those shows as well, this one is still worth your time.90210 gif naomi clark netflix binge watch
Vampire Diaries– I have been watching this for 2 weeks and am almost done with season 4. If that isn’t binge watching then I don’t know what is. The final season is airing right now, which is great for me because I won’t have to wait for the series finale!vampire diaries damn gif netflix binge watch
Young and Hungry–  A cute sitcom staring Lilly Truscott Emily Osment. SUPER funny and cute. Easy watching and easy to binge watch.young and hungry gif emily osment i got this netflix binge watch
Stranger Things– It’s no secret that this show made everyone go crazy. It has SERIOUS Goonie vibes. A must watch.stranger thing goonies gif netflix binge watch
Fuller House– If you grew up on Full House, this is a much watch. Nothing serious. Easy to watch but thoroughly entertaining.fuller house gif netflix binge watch full house
Pretty Little Liars– It’s marketed as a girly show, but if you love a good mystery this show will be good for you. Constant twists and turns, final season airs this year starting in April (I think). So hurry and catch up! 😉pretty little liars binge watch netflix


Annnnnnnd those are my favorite shows to binge watch. Hopefully you found something on this list you want to give a shot. When I start binge watching a new Netflix show I give it at LEAST 3 episodes before I give up on it.

Happy Bingeing, everyone!


Pro-Tip: Set yourself a binge schedule. Reward yourself for 2 hours of studying/homework with 30 minutes of Netflix!

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