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Large Pin through cockhead - blood gushes when extractedAlthough the video above teaches you how to express your dog's glands internally, this procedure is best left to your vet and their team. Textbook of gastroenterology 5th ed. All Rights Reserved. In dermatology, most of our procedures require wide field Two notes to add about the video though: 1 I recommend using a bit of lube SurgilubeVaseline or KY on your finger when doing the "internal method," and 2 I recommend having one of those Glandex or another wipe or paper towel in your hand, covering the rectum, whenever expressing the anal glands — regardless of whether you're doing the "external" or "internal" method Pro Tip: Extraction of anal gland your dog has a suspected or known food hypersensitivity "food allergy" causing or worsening their anal gland problems, opt for the Glandex Peanut Butter chews. Anal sac infection results extraction of anal gland pain, swelling, and sometimes abscessation and fever.
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