7 Things To Do Between College Classes

Let’s be real..in a perfect world all of your college classes would line up for a nice mid-morning schedule, which leaves you free the rest of the day to do homework, go to work, or do whatever your heart desires. However, as you probably already know, this is not always the case. Sure, it’s possible to get the perfect schedule your first semester. But once you get into major classes, what is available is what you get. There is not always very much wiggle room!

Of course, sometimes course flexibility and breaks can be great, but other times you get stuck with hour long breaks between classes which leaves you stuck on campus wondering what the heck you should do.

So, I give you 7 things to do between college classes.

what to do between college classes

1. Do your homework!!!!! (I’m serious.)

Surely this is a given, but the time you have between classes is tremendously useful as long as you use it to your advantage. Rather than procrastinating, get your work done ahead of time. Then when you are at home all you’ll need to do is focus on relaxing, (or doing the 10 million other things you need to do, but hey, to each their own. 😉 ).

2. Watch Netflix

Want to procrastinate? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Whip out your laptop and catch up on your current obsession. (Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite Netflix series, I’m on the hunt for a new show!)

3. Take a nap

Oh yes, I’m serious. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen snoozing in the library on campus. No one will look at you funny, they’ll just be jealous they’re not passed out as well.

4. Take care of your business

Need to pay the bursar? Sign-up to volunteer? Visit with a professor? Print something off? Between classes is the perfect time to do it! I kept procrastinating going to pay my bursar bill, but when I finally did it, you can bet it was during my hour long break.

5. Work out

Most colleges and university’s have gyms or wellness centers that are free for student use. Take the time to workout for a bit to keep those extra pounds off, you’ll be glad you did in the long run.

6. Have a snack/meal

I do this evvvvverrrryyy day. I have an hour long break before I start my 6-9PM class and you can bet that I will be eating my dinner before that class starts.

7. Catch up on e-mails

Before getting to college I never used my e-mail seriously. Now it’s like I can’t go 30 minutes without checking it. On the other hand, many students neglect their university e-mail when in reality, this is how professors and the school relay’s important information, like class cancelations. You don’t wanna be that person that shows up for class when there isn’t any. Been there, done that.

Of course there are a plethora of different things you could do in your spare time, but hopefully me sharing mine will spark something for you and help those big breaks become a little more tolerable.

Got any other ideas I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear them! 🙂

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